Update Contact

To create update in CRM Messaging portal, make a POST call to updateContact API

curl --location --request POST 'https://app.crm-messaging.cloud/index.php/Api/updateContact' 
--header 'Authorization: Bearer API_TOKEN' 
--form 'phone="PHONE_NUMBER"' 

Here API_TOKEN can be found in the developer console Text Messaging for Marketers and Sales Reps – CRM Messaging (crm-messaging.cloud)

PHONE_NUMBER is the contact phone number. To update any field, you can pass fname, lname, email, custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4, custom5 and grup where fname is first name, lname is last name, email is email address, and grup is group id.

Response Code :

200 => Data Updated successfully
201 => Missing parameter
405 => Method Not Allowed
401 => Something went wrong! Data Not Insert
428 => Bearer Token Not Found!