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Kick start texting on Messaging Cloud Web App and get deals closed faster. Give your service teams power to deliver an awesome customer experience. Do you know that SMS messages have a 36% Click-through rate and  a 45% response rate (email has just 8%) 

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Business Text Messaging right from your CSV file

Send and Receive SMS | List Broadcast | Send Automated Workflow SMS 

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SMS/WhatsApp Conversations

Send and Receive SMS, MMS, WhatsApp from Conversation Widget and view contextual thread

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Templates & Personalization

Save your faviourte messages as templates and use personalized tokens

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Fully Compliant

Never miss sending to Opted out records, fully compliant to GDPR, TCPA, DLT and AUS SPAM Act

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Global Messaging

Messaging cloud supports SMS in 200 countries globally via best providers ensuring delivery

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Supporing range of Use cases

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Form Submission SMS Action
  • Sales and Service Reps Two Way SMS Conversations
  • Blast SMS
  • Welcome SMS
  • SMS Alerts to Reps
  • Product Promotions
  • CSAT Surveys
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Bring your own use case, we will solve it

Send and Receive SMS

  • Send SMS on Single and Multiple Contacts 
  • View Incoming and Outgoing SMS in a Conversations Tab
  • View all conversations context with a record
  • Send SMS, MMS, Templates and Emojis
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Conversations on Messaging Cloud
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Contact Manager
Import Contact CSV
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Contact Management

  • Manage all contacts by creating new contacts or uploading CSV file 
  • Segment contacts with groups 
  • Manage Opt-ins and Opt-outs 

Run Marketing Campaign & track Analytics

  • Run marketing campaigns on Groups
  • Track Campaign performance with detailed reports and analytics 
Bulk SMS
Campaign Analytics
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Compliance Management
Integration Gateway
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Compliance Management & integration Gateway

  • Prevents messaging to opted out records and saves you from hefty fines
  • Integrate with top CRMs and sync leads, contacts and enable messaging on CRM

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