Our Commitment to You

Security And Privacy At CRM Messaging

Welcome to CRM Messaging, where your trust is our most valued asset. In today’s digital age, we understand that safeguarding your conversations goes beyond technology—it’s about building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and unwavering commitment to privacy.

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Trust is the Foundation of Every Successful Business

Maintenance Schedule

Stay informed about upcoming maintenance and updates to ensure your services remain uninterrupted.

System Status

Real-time updates on uptime, response times, performance metrics, and running services across our environments.

Incident Reports

Access reports on incidents within the last 12 months, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.

From our proactive maintenance schedules and transparent system status updates to our comprehensive incident response—discover how we turn our promises into action.

Live Feeds

Building Trust Through Transparency

At CRM Messaging, our journey starts with transparency. We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way—from how we manage your data to the measures we take in protecting it.

Transparency isn’t just a policy; it’s our promise to you. 

Open Communication

Regular updates on how your data is being protected

Clear Policies

Easy-to-understand policies that detail our data protection practices.

Connect with Us anytime

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Innovating Security

Innovation is at the heart of CRM Messaging. Our dedicated team employs state-of-the-art security strategies to ensure your information remains protected against all threats.

From proactive incident management to advanced data leakage prevention, our innovative approaches are your shield.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Cutting-edge technology to stop security threats before they happen. We use Industry Standard Security by Cloudflare for threat mitigation.

Data Integrity

Ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of your data at all times. We maintain customers data encrypted with 256 bit encryption stored in Cloud Servers and agree to delete data on demand.

Commitment To Compliance

Compliance is not just about following rules—it’s about commitment. At CRM Messaging, we go above and beyond to ensure our practices not only meet but exceed industry standards. 

Certifications and memberships are a testament to our dedication to your security

Messaging Compliance

We are committed to regional compliance such as GDPR, TCPA, CAN SPAM LAWS, DLT and Australian SPAM ACT to safegaurd our customers

Industry Compliance

We are HIPPA compliant to safegaurd heathcare customers records and we follow best practices to maintain customers data.

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A Partnership In Privacy

Privacy at CRM Messaging is about partnership. We work with you to ensure your data remains confidential, employing rigorous encryption and authorization methods. Our GDPR compliance and third-party validations are just the beginning of our privacy commitment.

Collaborative Protection

How we work with you to safeguard your privacy.

Collaborative Protection

How we work with you to safeguard your privacy.

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A Promise Engraved In Trust

  •  CRM Messaging utilizes cutting-edge encryption and authorization to keep your data secure and private, blocking access from unauthorized parties.
  • Secure in-transit data protection through TLS ensures your information remains safe while being transmitted.
  • Adherence to GDPR standards reflects our strong commitment to data privacy, showcasing our GDPR compliance.
  • Rigorous validation by third-party services underscores our dedication to maintaining high levels of security and trustworthiness.

Contact Information


For any security queries please contact us on the following email :

[email protected]