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Top 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Text Message Marketing Platform in 2022

Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be an incredibly simple, effective tool, especially allowing you to reach customers on their mobile phones. Any business that’s discovered the power of mobile text messaging likes it. For one thing, there are a lot more people accessing the web via smartphones and tablets than ever before. Yet another reason many businesses love text message marketing is that it’s so easy to keep up with: readers can’t ignore a text message as they could with an email or banner ad. So how do you get started with text messaging? With SMS (Short Message Service) as often called, your business will have its private gateway number from which to send and receive messages from subscribers. One great advantage of mobile marketing apps is that it allows your business to initiate the campaign without any technical knowledge at all. A good SMS platform should provide you with everything you need for text marketing campaigns: the possibility to design and personalize your messages (including rich media content), statistical data about open rates, delivery reports, and much more.

Text message marketing has a massive reach, with 95% of text messages opened and read within three minutes of being sent. It’s highly effective in getting people to take action and is compatible with every mobile device on the market. It’s not surprising, then, that Text Message Marketing is becoming the new norm for businesses in various industries trying to reach customers on a more personal level. On this page, we go over why you should use a texting campaign and how it will help your business in the year 2022.


  • SMS marketing is easy to use and has the highest engagement rate
  • SMS marketing helps to establish a deeper trust with customers.
  • Companies that send SMS text messages are seen as more trustworthy than those that don’t
  • Text message marketing is affordable for your business
  • It helps in building relationships with clients and improving customer experience
  • SMS gives you a higher conversion rate than email marketing.
  • Conduct direct marketing campaigns with SMS messages and get instant responses
  • Text messaging increases click-through rates by seven times
  • Conclusion


Marketing plan and strategy


SMS marketing is easy to use and has the highest engagement rate


SMS Marketing has been proclaimed by many as the most effective way to promote to your customers. It is very similar to email marketing, in that you can send offers and information right to the phone of your customer without them having to take any action. Chances are they are going to open it because they need what you are promoting. Most people check their text messages throughout the day on their phone, while email campaigns are usually coming in during lunch, before work, or on the way home.

Another reason that SMS Marketing is more effective, is that it comes across as a personal message directly from you. They know you and what your business is and how much effort was put into this message. You are not just sending an email that could be for anyone. The advantage of Email Marketing lies in its ability to bring you leads and generate business for your company. When it comes to mobile marketing, SMS marketing is the clear winner. SMS marketing has the highest conversion rate of all mobile marketing channels. Engagement rates for text messages are around 100%.


SMS marketing helps to establish a deeper trust with customers


Text messaging marketing is an effective way to reach potential customers in a more personal way. This type of marketing method helps to establish a deeper relationship with customers since they can communicate with you as frequently as they want. Telling your customers that you are willing and able to communicate with them whenever they need is likely to increase the level of trust that they have for your company. Text messages can be sent out at any time, so you can engage with your clientele at a moment’s notice if an issue arises. Text messages can be sent out at any time during the day, which means that you don’t always need to be present to send out important information or details. You can schedule text messages ahead of time so that they are delivered at the time when your clients are most likely to check their phones. This kind of marketing allows you the freedom of choice and flexibility that’s necessary in today’s busy world.

Text message marketing is about reaching out to the customers who are interested in you. For sending out a marketing message, SMS has proved to be an effective tool. It is best for influencing the decision of the masses who are not so computer savvy or have a positive attitude towards computers. They even don’t mind getting such a message since it comes on their cell phone, which is easily accessible, and no need to type too much. The customers get comfortable receiving such messages and they expect this kind of solicitation as they indicate naughty interest in your product.


Companies that send SMS text messages are seen as more trustworthy than those that don’t


When it comes to marketing, businesses are always trying to find new ways to get their message in front of as many people as possible. Many of them turn to text messaging because it is one of the fastest-growing forms of communication in the world today. The problem is that many businesses do not take advantage of texting because they simply don’t know how to get started. If you want your business to start sending text messages, here are a few ideas that can help you get started.

Trust – Companies that send text messages are seen as more trustworthy than those that don’t. The survey found that 73% of respondents trusted companies that send them text messages, while only 30% trusted those who do not.

Response rate – Text message marketing was also found to have a higher response rate than social media. The survey found that 34% purchased after receiving a text message, while only 25% did so after being exposed to social media advertising.

Frequency – Text message marketing also has better frequency rates than social media advertising — 20% responded to text messages three or more times per month versus only 7% for social media advertising.


Text message marketing is affordable for your business


Text message marketing is a great platform to promote your business. It’s affordable, quick, and easy to set up, and has the highest engagement rate of any digital marketing channel. And now with the emergence of big data, it’s even better. To get started with text message marketing for your business, you first need to build an opt-in list of subscribers, which can be done in several ways. One of the most popular methods is by promoting your free content on your website or blog. Another popular way is to offer a free PDF that’s valuable to your audience. When you have an email address from a customer or prospect, you can add them to your mailing list. When you’re ready to begin sending text messages to customers. After that, it’s just a matter of writing a few messages and sending them out!

Status updates, coupon alerts, social media updates, and alerts about new products or services are all great uses for an SMS campaign. If you use these messages to build a relationship with your customers and deliver value to them, they’re far more likely to respond than if you were just cold-calling them. One of the great things about text messaging is that you can track how well your campaigns are doing. You can easily get reports on how many messages you’ve sent over a given period, how well they were received, and which ones were most successful.


It helps in building relationships with clients and improving customer experience


The world of marketing has changed, and a new technique called text message marketing is quickly becoming a popular way to reach customers. Text message marketing (also known as SMS or short message service marketing) is the process of sending mass text messages to promote your business to your customers. The idea behind text message marketing is that people are more likely to respond to text messages than they are to other types of advertising.

So why should you start using text message marketing?

It’s effective – It’s easy to see why text message marketing is so effective at driving traffic — after all, you’re reaching out to your clients while they’re doing something they enjoy: texting.

It’s cheap – Text message marketing is a highly affordable way to reach your customers daily. It’s one of the cheapest ways to market your business and generate revenue — especially when compared with other forms of advertising.

It improves customer experience – When done right, text message marketing can help improve your customer experience by giving them easy access to information about your products and services. It can also be used for feedback surveys and other communications that will help strengthen your relationship with clients and help ensure positive reviews from them in the future.


SMS gives you a higher conversion rate than email marketing


Texting has a higher conversion rate than email marketing. This is because it’s more direct in the sense that you are talking to the customer and not just sending them emails. A text message marketing platform allows you to connect with your customers through text messages. This is an important tool if you want to keep in touch with your customers and also increase conversions.

Text message marketing is also a great way to increase brand loyalty because you’re sending your customers reminders about your business, which makes them come back. If you run a shop, this means that they’ll come back to buy from you. If you run a service business, this means that they will come back for more services. Text messaging is also a great idea because it’s a cheap alternative to social media advertising and other methods of online advertising like Google paid ads or Facebook ads. It’s also great for businesses on tight budgets.


Conduct direct marketing campaigns with SMS messages and get instant responses


Will all businesses need a text message marketing platform by 2022? No, but, likely, any company that wants to communicate with its customers in a direct and personal way will have to have some kind of text message capability.

To add a little perspective to this trend, here are some interesting statistics:

  • In 2017, the number of SMS messages sent worldwide was 7.1 trillion. This number is expected to increase to 8.3 trillion by 2020.
  • Americans are sending 6 billion texts every day.
  • The average mobile user checks their phone 150 times per day, or every 5 minutes or so.


Text messaging increases click-through rates by seven times


There are a few reasons why businesses should start using text messaging today. First, it’s relatively inexpensive to send and receive messages. Mobile carriers and messaging apps also provide tools for tracking your messages and measuring their effectiveness, which is something you’ll need to do if you want to track the ROI on your SMS marketing campaigns. There are some drawbacks to SMS marketing, however: the most obvious is that you can’t send links in SMS messages. You have to rely on the power of your message alone to persuade your audience.

In 2022, mobile devices will outnumber people by six billion. Carriers have invested billions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades over the last few years to meet the demand for mobile data and voice calling. While there’s still room for improvement, text messaging is now a much more reliable form of communication.

SMS marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels available today. Text messaging increases click-through rates by seven times, and it can be up to 100 times more effective than email. The reason for this is that text messages are highly personal and convenient. When you’re just sitting around on your phone, reading a text message is much easier than opening an email and reading through a bunch of content. Additionally, with the rise of smartphones, people are constantly checking their texts.

That means that if you have something important to say, or want to promote a product or service, many people will read your text message when they check their phones. This can also lead to increased sales for businesses that choose to use SMS marketing. On top of all of this, SMS marketing gives you access to customers and potential customers who might not use social media or email at all. For example, if you have a service-based business, relying on social media marketing alone might not be enough to drive sales. However, sending out text messages about your products at certain times during the week can increase engagement with your brand.




As we head into the coming year and beyond, it’s time for businesses everywhere to embrace all that text messaging can do for their marketing efforts. The fact is that text messaging will only continue to grow as a useful tool for promoting brands and communication with customers. There are several unique benefits of text message marketing in regards to branding and customer relations. A text message marketing platform provides a secure way for your customers to communicate with your business via text messaging from any device. This platform can also collect data about the habits and preferences of your customers, which can help you tailor future marketing efforts for increased effectiveness. For example, if most of your customers are requesting information about a certain product or service via text message, you can use this information to determine which types of marketing to focus on in the future.

An effective SMS marketing platform has built-in capabilities that allow you to store important customer data and track the effectiveness of your past campaigns so that you can improve upon them in the future.

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