WAZupp: Small Business's Passport To WhatsApp Success

Are you tired of the limitations and hassles of WhatsApp Cloud API and SMS when integrating with your CRM? Say goodbye to those headaches and embrace the future with our revolutionary WhatsApp App Connection. 🌟


✨Connect It With Your CRMs✨

Expand your messaging reach limitlessly with our integrated app, effortlessly automating WhatsApp communications within your CRMs— No template hassle required

Key Benefits

Seamless Integration

Easily install it by scanning a QR code and start sending and receiving WhatsApp messages effortlessly

Works natively on top CRM’s like Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, GoHighLevel, Stripe, Pabbly, Zapier, Make, and many more.

No more worries about being blocked by Meta for WhatsApp Business Manager. No need to submit documentation for SMS enabling – like 10 DLC, toll-free verification, DLT, etc.

Unlike WhatsApp Cloud API and SMS, you don’t need to submit templates for approval. Get started in just 2 clicks – Scan QR and Go-live.

We offer a competitive pricing model with two options – $29/month per subaccount or $19/month (billed annually) per subaccount.

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Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity

With Us, Simply connect with your customer and send promotional campaigns or automated messages effortlessly with no barriers

Features & Benefits

Ease of Integration

Start using it in less than 5 minutes

Media Support

Send and receive images, videos, and documents seamlessly.

Agency Panel

Manage all your sub-accounts effortlessly

Internal Notifications

Send internal notifications on WhatsApp

Automatic Tagging

Non-WhatsApp numbers are tagged automatically

Webinar Reminders

Send bulk messages for webinar reminders

Label App

Customize and sell it under your brand.

WAZupp Beats WhatsApp Cloud API or SMS

Best Deala
Powers 🎉WAZupp WhatsApp Cloud API / SMS
Integration Ease✅ Effortless installation through QR code scan❌ Complex setup and configuration
Message Sending✅ Unlimited messages without template approval❌ Template approval is required, limited messages
Blocked Risk✅ No risk for conversational use cases❌ Risk of being blocked due to WhatsApp and telecom regulations
Documentation Needed✅ No need for SMS enabling documentation (e.g., 10 DLC, toll-free verification, DLT) or documentation for Facebook business verification❌ Documentation required for SMS and WhatsApp Cloud API
Global Reach✅ Works in any country where WhatsApp is supported❌ Limited availability in some countries
Automation & Bulk✅ Easily automate messages, build chatbots✅ Easily automate messages, build chatbots
Media Support✅ Send/receive images, videos, documents✅ Send/receive images, videos, documents
Pricing✅ $29/month per subaccount or $249/year (Agency Discounts Available)❌ Variable pricing, potentially higher costs
White labeling✅ Completely white labeled for your brand✅ Completely white labeled for your brand


Elevate customer engagement with seamless CRM integration and Leverage Personalized messaging, WhatsApp campaigns and more.

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