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What Mortgage Brokers Have To Gain From An SMS Marketing Strategy?

The mortgage lending industry has seen a significant decline in the number of loan applications in recent years. It’s also been noted that this decline is largely due to a lack of trust – with many people deciding not to go through with it because they worry the lender will give them bad terms. An SMS marketing strategy can help combat both these problems – by assuring customers of a fair deal and by providing more transparency.


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Mortgage brokers can fill up lead pipeline with Opted-in leads, how?


With social media, you can post pictures of your latest listings and invite people to view them. With SMS marketing, you can text your customers with needed reminders about their mortgage payments or new incentives. You can also make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you by texting them with a link to the contact form on your website. Mortgage brokers can use a SMS marketing strategy to improve lead generation. For one, the strategy is a great way for them to stay in touch with their current customers. It also provides opportunities to market their services to new customers who have shown interest. When using SMS marketing, brokers should be mindful of the messages they’re sending out. They should be short and clear so that people will read them as opposed to deleting them.

Strategies to attract mortgage leads with SMS


Sending a text to someone who recently expressed an interest in your services is a great way to generate more leads. This strategy has been proven to work for mortgage brokers as well as other businesses. For example, one mortgage broker sent a text message with five mortgage rates and the recipients were impressed by the efficiency of the service.


Why Mortgage brokers should use SMS marketing?


Mortgage brokers can use SMS marketing to communicate with clients. It is a cost-effective and fast way to reach out to prospective customers. It is also a good way for mortgage brokers to keep track of all their customer information. 2 Way messaging helps build better connection with applicants and close loan fasters. 

SMS plays role in each stage of loan application from prospect applying and getting notified of next steps to final submission of documents and closure notification


How to get started with an SMS marketing strategy for mortgage brokers?


There are many benefits to implementing an SMS marketing strategy for your business. You can increase client retention because it gives them a way to contact you at any time, as well as it allows for a better relationship with those clients. In addition, SMS can be used to capture customer feedback and provide them with information relevant to their needs.


Benefits of using SMS marketing for mortgages


Banks and mortgage companies have a lot to gain from an SMS marketing strategy. They might feel that it will provide their staff with an additional channel of communication that will give them better customer service. It also allows them to stay in touch with their customers even when they need to contact them about their account after hours or on weekends. SMS marketing is a great strategy for mortgage brokers because it can be time- and cost-efficient. An SMS service provider will charge a monthly fee and the broker will only need to pay for texts after they’re sent. The broker won’t need to invest in expensive equipment or software, either. They also don’t need to hire employees to manage their texting campaigns.




Now that you have the knowledge to create an SMS marketing campaign, it’s time to consider how you can take full advantage of your mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing offers a wealth of opportunities for brokers, who are always on the go. With all the possibilities out there, CRM-messaging works best on your CRM and let you close loans faster, try for 7 days free.

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