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Generate millions of B2B leads and fill top of the funnel by exporting leads in HubSpot, Zoho, GoHighLevel and CRM Messaging Web App. Discover leads in all industries across globe with a click.

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Search categories hospitals, carpenters, agencies, schools and more

Choose a category such as hospital | Choose your location | Voila you have leads

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Choose a category

For instance, you can choose 'Chiropractors' or any niche that is findable on Google

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Choose a location

Here you choose a 21 mile radius around a city such as Seattle. You can input City name and specific location within city also

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Fill your pipeline

Press search and it will grab all the leads you can handle! You can then either export them or push them directly into your CRM.

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Boost your sales with outbound ready to convert leads

Leads in any industry

Discover B2B companies in any industry and their contact info from our massive database.


Find prospects

Find the right decision-makers working in a company and their contact details( Phone numbers).



Capture thousands of business leads without advertising, offer free stuff, purchase outdated lists.

Search and Export Leads

  • Search leads across multiple industries and save them
  • Export Leads as CSV 
  • Export Leads to HubSpot
  • Export Leads to Zoho
  • Export Leads to Messaging Cloud
  • Sort leads by rating
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