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Admin Guide

It will take less than 5 min to start sending SMS and WhatsApp from your GoHighLevel CRM. Follow these integration steps,


Step 1: Visit Messaging Cloud Web App Step 2: Signup with your official email Step 3: Move to the Integration Gateway module on the left-hand side and take a note of the Conversation Tab URL and Webhook URL GohighLevel Integration Step 4: Go back to your GoHighLevel agency account in agency view and let’s configure inbox view to see all conversations in WhatsApp Styled Inbox. Go to Settings, then custom men link, and then create a menu item viz. “Inbox” and paste your custom conversational URL from Messaging Cloud and choose to open it in iframe along with your accounts on which it should be displayed. Now you will be able to see all conversations on your GoHighLevel Account and agency sidebar. Setup inbox view on ghl Step 5: To set up sync of your GoHighlevel agency with Messaging Cloud, you need to connect your messaging cloud account with an OAuth under the Integration Gateway tab on messaging tab. On successfully connecting, your all contacts of GoHighLevel CRM would be available on the “Inbox” tab on the sidebar and you can send 1-1 messages. Step 6: To send automated SMS, you need to use the Webhook method on Gohighlevel Workflow and in Marketing Campaigns. Webhook URL is specific to your account. Go to the messaging cloud and copy the webhook URL and paste it into workflows or campaigns to send SMS. Webhook URL syntax:{Phone Number}&msg={ Message }&token={token}
Make sure, you are replacing phone number with the Gohighlevel Contact Phone number merge field and msg with your custom message. For msg, you also use custom values in your GHL account and reference them while creating a webhook. For more such customizations, drop an email to [email protected]. You are done and ready to send SMS and WhatsApp from your GoHighLevel Agency or  Account. You are given 10 free message credits and a phone number. Note that this setup has added the Inbox tab and given you a webhook to send automated SMS and to send bulk SMS, you will have to create groups on messaging cloud and send bulk SMS.  This will be explained in the below section on how to use these features. Also, upgrade to a paid user at just the cost of credits and phone number. No contract, and No credit card. We tie-up with top messaging providers to deliver your messages and standard SMS rates and phone number rates will be charged only. No extra fee. More details – Pricing Page   Enjoy all messaging on an inbox view. You are done configuring Messaging on your GHL CRM.

User Guide

Send and Receive SMS and WhatsApp

To send a message, you simply go to the Inbox tab and click on create new message button and send a message.    

Track all conversations in Inbox View

Use the power of responding to many customers and prospects at a go with the WhatsApp-styled Conversation view. Inbox view on GHL To see it in action, check out, AthleticHauntingIzuthrush size restricted

Send Bulk SMS and WhatsApp

Sending SMS and WhatsApp to multiple contacts can be done by first creating a group on Messaging cloud and then sending a Bulk SMS campaign from Messaging cloud. Give a name to your campaigns, then choose an audience from the group and select your group name. To create a group, you have to visit the contact manager tab on the left-hand side and create a group of contacts, then only your group name will be visible on this dropdown. bulk 1 Send Marketing Campaign and blast to Groups and track responses  To send SMS to your list of records for eg. to all people who have purchased a product, sending an offer on SMS goes by creating a group of product purchasers first and then choosing that group for triggering SMS. To see it in action, check out this video, AthleticHauntingIzuthrush size restricted

Send Automated SMS and WhatsApp

Text Messaging Cloud enables you to send SMS/WhatsApp via Webhook. Go to workflow and define your trigger and choose action as webhook for sending SMS. For eg. to send welcome SMS on contact updation go to Workflow, then create a trigger on all contact change and choose action as webhook. SMS Automation on GHL Now choose instant action as webhook and paste webhook URL copied from messaging cloud. To see it in action, check out this video, AthleticHauntingIzuthrush size restricted   You can configure easily your workflow to include WhatsApp channel for communication for Marketing & Sales usecases. For eg. 1. Send automated welcome whatsapp message on lead submission, 2. Send alerts to reps internally, 3. Notify reps on lead assignment 4. Run list reactivation marketing drips 5. Run holiday offers, birthday celebrations over WhatsApp 6. Send Appointment reminders over WhatsApp and much more…   Here’s one more video talking of form submission usecase.  


SMS/WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

Using SMS in marketing reach has brought more business than emails as SMS has 98% open rate while email has 20% open rate. Now you can simply add SMS in your marketing mix of channels by adding an event as an SMS webhook.
Marketing SMS via webhook Running offer “50% off pizza offer, valid till 15th Aug’21” will look like this on creating this webhook as an event in your marketing campaigns. SMS Marketing
If You Face Any Difficulty In Either Setting Up Or Using This Extension, Please Drop An Email To [email protected] Or Call +1 (302) 486-0000

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