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Simplify Your Customer Communication With Salesforce

Transform the way you communicate with your customers by integrating the power of SMS and WhatsApp right within your Salesforce interface

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Why Choose CRM-Messaging Integration
With Salesforce?

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Ready to Amplify Your Customer Engagement?

Upgrade your customer communication today. Tap into the power of SMS and WhatsApp seamlessly through Salesforce.


What you Can leverage?

Comprehensive Multi-Channel Messaging

  • Elevate your customer engagement with the power of multi-channel messaging. Our CRM-Messaging integration seamlessly integrates both SMS and WhatsApp within Salesforce Journey Builder.

  • Unlike competitors, we offer a unified platform for SMS and WhatsApp, allowing you to tailor your communication strategy to customer preferences and need
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Effortless Two-Way Data Synchronization

  • Enable smooth two-way data synchronization for Salesforce contacts, leads, opportunities, and campaigns. All data updates and interactions are reflected in real-time, ensuring consistency across platforms.

  • What sets us apart is our support for both SMS and WhatsApp, giving you the flexibility to engage your customers through their preferred messaging channels while maintaining a unified database.

Automate Customer Journey With Process Builder and Flows

  • Leverage Process Builder and Flows to create automated, customized customer journeys, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

  • Streamline processes, trigger actions, and respond to customer interactions with efficiency and precision, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
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Send Campaigns & Track Analytics

  • Easily send campaigns via SMS and WhatsApp, tailoring your messages to your audience’s preferences.

  • Track campaign performance in real-time with comprehensive analytics, enabling data-driven decisions and improved customer engagement.

Impactful Stats


Businesses that adopted WhatsApp for customer service saw a 28% increase in customer satisfaction scores


Increase your customer engagement by up to 40% with SMS and WhatsApp


67% of people would rather text with a business about appointments and scheduling than talk on the phone


Enjoy a read rate of over 98% for SMS messages

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