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Check Live Status Messaging Cloud Service Status (

Downtime notice( 13:00 PM UTC, 4 Mar 2024 – 16:00 PM UTC, 4 Mar 2024)

We will perform scheduled server maintenance, and you may experience service interruptions for up to 50 minutes within the time window specified above. Portal and Messaging services will not be available

Downtime notice( 2:10 PM 17th Oct – 2:40 PM 17th Oct)

Customers may face Error 522 while trying to access CRM Messaging systems.

Downtime notice( 1 AM  4th July – 2 AM 4th July)

Customers on Twilio provider will be impacted as we are facing fraudulent activity on few accounts

Downtime notice( 1 AM 22nd Apr – 3 PM 22nd Apr)

Messaging Activity will not be created in HubSpot during downtime.

Downtime notice( 10 AM 31st Mar – 8 PM 31st Mar)

HubSpot WhatsApp non-template messages are working as expected.

Downtime notice( 10 AM 12th Jan – 11 PM 13th Jan IST)

We have faced bandwidth issues on our server because of DDOS attack from facebook. 

Downtime notice( 10 AM 16th Dec – 2 PM 16th Dec IST)

Messaging services are getting updated.

Downtime notice( 5 AM 22nd June – 4 AM 23rd June IST)

Messaging services are getting updated.

Downtime notice( 4 PM 19th June – 11 PM 20th June IST)

Email servers were down in this time period which impacted new registration email verification, incoming sms notifications and other alerts. We have fixed issue and now all email services are working fine. This issue occurred because of unauthorized access to email servers and we implemented better security measures. 

Downtime notice( 10 AM – 5 PM 12th May IST)

Templates selection in GHL 


Downtime notice ( 9 PM – 7th Oct’21 IST)

Conversations tab on Zoho will be down for maintenance from 9 PM IST to 10 PM IST on 7th Oct. 


Downtime notice (7 AM -1st Oct’21 IST)

Conversations are down for maintenance from 11 PM IST 1st Oct to 8 AM IST 2nd Oct

This downtime does not impact message sending and receiving features and users can send SMS in downtime period using Send SMS button and all received SMS will be visbile back in conversation tab at 8 AM IST 2nd Oct

In case of any urgent help, please drop an email to [email protected]


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