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Healthcare Text Templates

Sr. No.Template NameTemplate Body
1Appointment ReminderAppointment Reminder with {{company_name}}

Hi {{name}}, your {{appointment}} with us is on {{date}} at {{ime}}.

Reply {{keyword}} to confirm.
2Prescription Reminder{{company_name}}: Hi {{name}}, this is a friendly reminder that it may be time to renew or request a new prescription. Book an appointment: {{website}}
3Test NotificationHi {{name}}, your test results are now online on {{portal}}. Please log in to check your results:{{website}}
4Appointment Confirmation(company_name}}: Dear {{recipient_name}}, your appointment with us on {{date}} {{time}} has been confirmed.Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment for registration. Thank you.
5Alert Template{{company_name]]: Dear {{recipient_name}}, your

test results are out. Please reply to this message

to schedule an appointment with us.
6Template for Follow-Ups[{company_name]]: Dear {{recipient_name}}, this
is {{doctor_name]]. How are you doing since last
week’s procedure?

If at any time you’re feeling unwell or have any
questions, please reply to this message, or call
our front desk at {{number}} during office hours.
7Template for Payment Reminder{company_name}}: Dear {{recipient_name}}, our
records indicate that you have an outstanding
payment of {{amount}} that is past its due date.
Please reply to this text or call us at {{number}} so
that we can assist you in resolving this matter.

Thank you.
8Template for Reviews and Feedback{{company_name]]: Thank you for visiting us
today. Please rate your experience and share
with us your feedback over at {{website}}!
9Template for Tips{company_name}}: HEALTH TIP – {{tip}}

Reply <UNSUB> to unsubscribe to this service.
10Template for Job Appointment“{{company_name}}: Dear {{recipient_name}},
an appointment opening is available today at
As you’re at the top of our waitlist, please
reply <ACCEPT> by {{time}} to accept this
Otherwise, please reply <REJECT> to give up
this slot. Please be assured that you will
remain at the top of the waitlist.”
Healthcare Text Templates