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Recruitment Text Templates

S. No.Template NameTemplate Body
1RecruitmentHey {{recipient_name}}! {{Your_name}}
from {{company_name}} here. I came
across your LinkedIn profile and it’s super
impressive. We have a new role as a
{{name_of_position}} opening up and I
think it just might be perfect for you. Are
you free for a quick chat?
2Scheduling Interview 1Hello, {{recipient_name}}! It was great
chatting with you today! As mentioned,
we’d love to get you in for an interview.
Here’s a link to my calendar, feel free to
grab a spot! {{calendar_link}}.
3Scheduling Interview 2Hey {{recipient_name}}, {{your_name}}
from {{company_name}} here. Thank you
for submitting an application through our
job portal. We’ve reviewed your resume
and would love to schedule an interview to
get to know you. Here’s a link to my
calendar: {{calendar_link}}
4Scheduling Interview 3Hi {{recipient_name}}, {{your_name}} from
{{company_name}} here. Thanks for your
interest in our {{name_of_position}}
position. We’d love to get you in for an
interview. Are you free to come down to
the office sometime this week?
5PromptHello, {{recipient_name}}. We haven’t
heard from you in a while. Are you still
interested in our {{name_of_position}}
6RemindersHey {{recipient_name}}! Just a friendly
reminder that we have an interview
scheduled for {{date}} at {{time}}. We look
forward to meeting you!
7Rejection 1Hi {{recipient_name}}, we are sorry to
inform you that you didn’t make it to the
next phase. Best of luck!
8Rejection 2Hi {{recipient_name}}, we regret to inform
you that you have not been selected for this
{{name_of_position}} position. After careful
consideration, we felt that your qualities
are more suitable for another job role. Wishing you the best of luck.
9AcceptanceGood news, {{recipient_name}}! You’ve
been offered the job as
{{name_of_position}} with
{{company_name}}. More details will be
sent to you over the next few days.
Congratulations! Looking forward to
working with you.
10Reshedule InterviewHi {{recipient_name}}. We apologize for the
change, but we need to reschedule your
interview. Are you available on {{date}} at
{{time}} instead?
Recruitment Text Templates