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Schools Text Templates

Sr. NoTemplate NameTemplate Body
1Welcome Message{{school_name}}: This is a notification that
you have opted in to our communication
list via WhatsApp message.
Please reply <UNSUB> to unsubscribe if
you subscribed by mistake.
2Alerts- Parents{{school_name}}: Your child,
{{student_name}}, was absent from
{{subject}} class today at {{time}}.

{{school_name}}: <URGENT> Dear
parent/guardian of {{student_name}}, we
were unable to reach you at this number.
Please contact the school immediately at
{{number}} once you’ve seen this message.
3Alerts-Stidents{{school_name}}: Here’s your security code:
{{code}} for access to your student portal.
This code expires in 15 minutes.

{{school_name}}: Dear {{student_name}},
your results for the {{semester}} of {{year}}
is now available for viewing at {{website}}.
4Alerts-TeachersDear teachers, due to unforeseen
circumstances, we are looking for a
substitute teacher to cover class {{class}}
at {{time}}, {{location}} today. Please reply
<YES> if available.
5Alerts-General{{school_name}}: Classes are cancelled
today due to {{event}}. More details:

{{school_name}}: No classes will be held
tomorrow due to {{event}}. More details:
6Reminders- Parents{{school_name}}: Dear parent/guardian of
{{student_name}}, we note that your
child/ward has been absent for
{{days_absent}} days. Kindly submit the
supporting documents to the admin office,
as per school policy. Thank you.
7Reminders- Parents/Students{{school_name}}: The tuition fee for
{{student_name}} in the {{semester}} of
{{year}} is due on {{due_date}}. Pay now:
8Reminders-StaffDear staff, please be reminded of the
Monthly Staff Meeting on {{date}}, {{time}},
at the {{location}}.
Schools Text Templates