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Send & Receive SMS / WhatsApp

Send & Receive SMS

To send and receive SMS from HubSpot interface, Messaging Cloud offers Conversation Widget and Conversation View on Contacts. A free trial account will be able to send up to 10 free SMS to contacts and to receive SMS, you need to upgrade to a paid account. Follow this step to get started,

Step 1: Open any record on HubSpot, you will be shown a CRM conversation widget on right hand side as shown in below image,

Conversation Widget

Step 2: Click on Send SMS to open conversation view in a popup and here you see contextual conversation history. Compose your message by including personalization tokens, emoji’s, media, texts or templates. 

conversation view

Experience Interactive Demo

Contextual SMS & WhatsApp

Let your Sales and Service team look into existing conversations right from the deals object and tickets object.

Screenshot 2022 09 28 001708
Texting on Deals Object
Screenshot 2022 09 28 001959
Texting on Tickets Object