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CRM Messaging for Zoho Bigin – User Documentation

Setup Instructions

  1. Install the App
  • First, install the app from the Zoho Bigin marketplace or use this link.
  1. Sign Up for CRM Messaging
  1. Connect Zoho Bigin
  • After signing up, navigate to Integrations -> Zoho Bigin Connection in the CRM Messaging app.
  • Click on Connect your Zoho Bigin org to establish the connection.
  1. Sync Contacts and Contact Lists
  • After connecting, click on Sync Contact and Sync Contact List to synchronize your data.
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  1. Configure Zoho Token
  • Copy the Zoho Bigin token from CRM Messaging.
  • In your Zoho Bigin org, go to Extension settings -> Extension -> Configure -> Topping settings.
  • Update the Zoho token with the copied token from CRM Messaging.
Screenshot 3 6 2024 105442 bigin.zoho .com

Using CRM Messaging for Bigin

Sending SMS/WhatsApp to a Contact

  1. Go to any contact in Zoho Bigin.
  2. You will see a Chats button on the record view and detail view.
  3. Click on the Chats button to open the chat window.
  4. Send your message via SMS or WhatsApp.

Making Calls

  1. On the contact’s record view, click on the Chats button.
  2. You will see an option for making calls.
  3. Click on the call option to initiate a call with the contact.

Sending Bulk Messages

  1. Select the list of records on the contacts page in Zoho Bigin.
  2. You can initiate bulk messages (SMS or WhatsApp) to the selected list of contacts.
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Setup is now complete. Enjoy seamless communication with your contacts using CRM Messaging for Zoho Bigin!