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Hotels Text Templates

Sr. NoTemplate NameTemplate Body
1Booking ConfirmationHi {{recipient_name}}, thank you for
booking a room with {{hotel_name}}. Here
are the details of your stay:
We look forward to seeing you!

Hi {{recipient_name}}, we’re looking
forward to welcoming you today at
Show this message at the counter for
express check-in. If there’s anything we
can help with, please reply to this
2Payment ConfirmationHi {{recipient_name}}, your booking for
{{number_of_nights}}, from {{start_date}} to
{{end_date}} is confirmed.
Your payment of {{payment_amount}} has
been successfully completed. If there’s
anything we can help you with, please
reply this message or call
3AlertsHi {{recipient_name}}, we will be
undergoing electrical maintenance from
{{start_date}} to {{end_date}}, {{start_time}}
to {{end_time}}.
During this period, all amenities that

require the use of electricity (ie. air-
conditioning, lights, television, hair dryer,

etc) will not be in operation.
We seek your kind understanding.

Good morning {{recipient_name}},
breakfast will be served to
{{room_number}} between {{start_time}}
and {{end_time}}.
Please ensure that the ‘Do Not Disturb’
bell is switched off.
4PromotionsHey {{recipient_name}}, need a quick
staycation? You’re in luck because we’re
having a {{discount}}% off our Deluxe Suite
for 2!
Book now: {{website_url}}

Happy birthday {{recipient_name}}! To
celebrate your special day, we’ve prepared
a great gift for you!
Enjoy a {{discount}}% off the next time you
stay with us. Use the code
{{discount_code}} at checkout. Valid for the
next {{promotion_period}}.
5ReferralsEnjoyed your stay at {{hotel_name}}?
Share this link {{referral_link}} with up to 4
friends and enjoy a {{discount}}% off the
next time you stay with us!
6TipsHey {{recipient_name}}, wondering what
the best hotels are in each country? Check
out this list we’ve compiled and maybe
you could book a room on your next visit!
7FeedbackHi {{recipient_name}}, thank you for
staying at {{hotel_name}}, it has been a
pleasure to be your host.
If you enjoyed your stay, please share your
experience with us at {{review_url}}
Hotels Text Templates