Real Estate Text Templates

Sr. NoTemplate NameTemplate Body
1Welcome MessageHi {{recipient_name}}, thanks for
subscribing to {{company_name}}’s
WhatsApp communication list!
Reply <UNSUB> anytime to unsubscribe
from this service.
2Selling TemplateHi {{recipient_name}}, a viewing has been
scheduled at your property listing on
{{date}}, at {{time}}.

Hi {{recipient_name}}, I’ll have your home
valuation ready in a few days time. How
would you like to receive it?
3Buying TemplateHi {{recipient_name}}, your viewing
appointment of {{location}} at {{date}}
{{time}} has been confirmed! See you then!

Great news {{recipient_name}}! Your offer
on {{location}} has been accepted! Are you
free for a call today?
4PromotionsDid you enjoy viewing {{location}}? Click on
to check out similar homes over at

Hey {{recipient_name}}, we think that
there are a few new listings similar to
{{location}} which you might like. Would
you like me to send them over to you?
5RemindersHi {{recipient_name}}, don’t forget about
your house showing at {{listing_address}}
on {{date}} at {{time}}! Text R to reschedule.
Real Estate Text Templates