E-commerce Text Templates

Sr. NoTemplate NameTemplate Body
1PromotionsHi there! We’re having a 15% off sale across
the {shop_name} website, and didn’t want
you to miss out! Start shopping now to see
what you can save: {shopping_link}.

Hi {{recipient_name}}, de-stress your
holiday shopping and get ahead of the
rush right now with 20% off our entire
store. Hurry! Use code: {discount_code}
2Cart AbandonmentHi {{recipient_name}}, You left some items
in your cart! We wanted to make sure you
had the chance to get what you needed.
Continue shopping: {shopping_link}
3Order ConfirmationHi {{recipient_name}}, thanks for your
order! View details & more: {order_status}

Hey {{recipient_name}}, we’ve received
your order successfully. To keep you
updated on the delivery status of your
items, we’ll be sending you messages via
If you have any questions, feel free to get
in touch with us at {contact_link}!
4Shipping ConfirmationHi {{recipient_name}},
Yay! Your order has shipped. Keep track of
your delivery here: {shipping_status}

Hi {{recipient_name}},
Heads up — Your order from {shop_name}
is out for delivery and will arrive soon.
View details & more: {shipping_status}
5FeedbackHi {{recipient_name}}, It’s been a week
since your order was delivered. Would you
take one minute to tell us about your
experience? You can leave a review here:

Hi {{recipient_name}},
Thanks so much for your 5 star review!
Share the love by inviting others to shop:
6Payment ConfirmationHey {{recipient_name}}, we’ve received
your payment and we’re getting your
order ready to be shipped.
For more details: {invoice_details}
7Product AnnouncementHey {{recipient_name}}! The moment
you’ve been waiting for is here.
We’ve just launched {{product_name}} to
the world! It is now LIVE on our site. Pieces
are limited, so get yours before they’re
gone: {{shopping_link}}
8Ticket StatusHi {{recipient_name}}, thank you for
reaching out to our support team!
We have received your ticket and sent this
to the team to review. We’ll keep you
informed if we receive any updates on our
9ReferralsHi there {{recipient_name}}! Thank you so
much for choosing to shop with
If you’ve enjoyed your latest purchase with
us, share your unique promo code
{{discount_code}} with up to five of your
friends! They get to enjoy 10% off their first
purchase with us, while you get 50% off!
T&Cs apply.
10Account UpdatesHey {{recipient_name}}, we noticed that
you’ve made some changes to your
account recently.
Your account has been updated
successfully. Please remember your new
details the next time you log in!

Hey {{recipient_name}}, just a reminder
that your balance of {{#_rewards_points}}
rewards points must be spent by
Login and shop now: {{shopping_link}}
Ecommerce Text Templates