How to send templates from GHL Webhook

To send a template, create your automtion in webhook.

Choose your trigger and then for sending whatsapp message template, choose Webhook in action

Add these values in webhook

Webhook name – WhatsApp Message

Method – Get


Add query string parameters

phone – {{}}

msg – paste template body with variables values in square brackets

token – {{custom_values.text_messaging_token}}

tempName – Unique name of template

mediaUrl (optional) – media link stored in

channel (optional) – whatsapp if more than 1 number is added to account

fromnum (optional) – phone number id, if more than 1 number added to account

image 8

Make sure to pass mediaUrl, if your template is media templates

  • Include media attachments if message template is of media type
  • Replace variables with values in square brackets. If your message has {{1}} then replace it in message as [data] where data is what you want to send. It can by dynamic if you are sending from Zoho, HubSpot, GoHighLevel or Portal CRM automations