Insurance Text Templates

Sr. NoTemplate NameTemplate Body
1Introduction MessageHello {{recipient_name}}, thank you for
opting in to receive messages from
{{insurance_company}}. I am
{{insurance_agent}} and will assist you in
your financial planning. Please call or text
back when you are free.
2Appointment ReminderHello {{recipient_name}}, looking forward to
speaking with you today at
{{appointment_time}}. Feel free to let me
know if you need to reschedule.

Hello {{recipient_name}}, looking forward to
meeting you today at {{meeting_location}}.
Here is a link for directions to my office:
3Policy ChangesHello {{recipient_name}}, this is just a
reminder that the terms of your policy,
{{insurance_policy}} have been updated.
To review the updates of this policy please
click log into your account: {{website_url}}
4Follow- Up{{recipient_name}}, it looks like you just
filled out a quote on {{website_url}}. I am
following up to see how we may be of
assistance and if you have any questions. I
look forward to speaking with you.

Hello {{recipient_name}}, thank you for
taking time off to speak with me over the
phone earlier. May I know when you’re
available to fix a time to discuss your
5Welfare TextHappy Birthday {{recipient_name}}!
Wishing you a spectacular day. Thanks for
being a valued client of
6Policy Updates{{Insurance_company}}: Proposal for
{{recipient_name}} — {{insurance_policy}}
is being reviewed. We will inform you in
due course.

{{Insurance_company}}: Congrats! Policy
for {{recipient_name}} —
{{insurance_policy}} has been approved.
Login to {{website_url}} to view your policy
7Account Updates{{Insurance_company}}: You have made
changes to your access ID — {{access_ID}}.
If you did not make this change, please
call {{contact_number}}.
8AlertsFrom {{date}}, we’ll begin sending letters
such as payment and renewal notices,
payout letters and more, digitally instead

of via mail. For more information or to opt-
out, visit {{website_url}}
9Payment Reminders{{Insurance_company}}: Your payment for
{{insurance_policy}} was unsuccessful.
Please reach out to your Financial
Consultant as soon as possible to
complete payment.
Insurance Text Templates