Send SMS & WhatsApp from Stripe App & Chrome App

To start sending and receiving SMS & WhatsApp messages from Stripe & Chrome extension, you need to first set up your account by following these steps.

  • Install CRM Messaging App from Stripe Apps Marketplace or install CRM Messaging App from Chrome Extension store
  • Sign up for CRM Messaging
  • Complete your profile by sharing company details on crm messaging portal
  • Now we need to copy API token and add it in stripe app. To get an API token, go to developer console and click on generate api key
image 1
  • Copy API key and paste it in Stripe app for token and add it.
  • After connecting successfully, go to any customer record in stripe with phone number added.
  • Check that CRM Messaging app has already phone number copied and now type your message and send it.

For your SMS & WhatsApp number setup, please reach out to [email protected].