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WhatsApp Green Tick✅ Verification

WhatsApp Green Tick: WhatsApp Official Business Account
Green Tick is a verified WhatsApp Official Business Account that establishes brand authority on phone numbers.

How to get Green tick ✅?

WhatsApp Official Business Account
If your business desires to have a WhatsApp Official Business Account, it must be considered a notable business. A notable business is a well-known business that has a substantial presence in news articles from publications with sizable audiences. With the same phone number, you can use the current or a new business name to apply for the WhatsApp Official Business Account.

Conditions for Green tick ✅?

  • You must be using WhatsApp API Approved Business Account
  • You must enable 2 Step Authentication
  • Facebook Business Manager should be verified by Facebook
  • Must be a business (Individuals are not allowed as of now)
  • Recommended you are in Tier 2 or above messaging level
  • Must be a notable and reputed brand

To get your green tick today, drop a request at [email protected]